Totally Tempting Tatra

What? – A 1975 Tatra 603 II finished in white. For those who’ve never seen one of these oddly streamlined vehicles before, they were typically used to ferry Soviet officials around in their native Czechoslovakia. For those that have, it’s about time to discuss a loan with your bank’s local branch. Now one is available, freshly imported from Spain with a valid ITV certificate (MOT in English money).

Why? – Tatra’s are rather rare on British shores, mainly as they weren’t really sold here. Due to contemporary political reasons, Western European markets refused to let this sleek bodied Czech slip through the net.

A real shame, as the looks were to die for. Although controversial, the Tatra’s body was very aerodynamic for the time. Powered by a 2.5-litre air-cooled V8, this Soviet sleeper packed a bit of a punch too.

Furthermore, Tatra’s were usually rewarded to high ranking government officials, so the privilege of owning the Rolls Royce from behind the Iron Curtain will mean a lot to some people. If not to grab the attention of crowds at classic car shows, to simply own a piece of automotive history which personifies the Soviet side of the Cold War.

See what else the Czechs made during the Cold War!

Where?Advertised on eBay and stored in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Whilst a great opportunity to own a classic, the listing loses marks for the lacklustre description.

Odometer reading? – Listed as 40,000. Presumably in kilometres, and not miles, metres or centimetres.

The Bad Bits? – Apparently it’s not concourse. But for the price, we can’t expect miracles.

How Much? – £15,495. A price worth paying for such a rare classic.

Got a Link?See it here.

by Mike Armstrong


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