Low Mileage Landy

What? – A stunning mint condition 1977 Land Rover Series III Soft Top. This farmers’ favourite has been described as a “survivor” by the dealership, and rightfully so.

Why? – In true Time Warp fashion, the mint condition body gives away a resume of low mileage coverage. After 37 years in existence, this Time Warp Tractor has only ventured 15,500 miles. To sweeten the deal, this time traveller comes serviced with a full year’s MOT and six month dealer warranty.

Ordinarily, these Land Rovers were regularly spotted wading through boggy marshes, battling through thirsty work in the desert and transporting bales of hay across the fields. Along with the Toyota Land Cruiser, the original Land Rover is well regarded as one of the best Four-by-fours by far.

Where? – At the Land Rover Centre in Huddersfield. Found via Car and Classic.

Odometer reading? – An unbelievable 15,500 miles. Equal to only 419 miles per year.

The Bad Bits? – It will be a bit chilly in winter!

How Much? – £14,995

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by Mike Armstrong

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