STOLEN: ’62 Wolseley 16/60

Round up the Time Warp Tuesday neighbourhood watch and let’s hunt down this missing Wolseley. This 1962 Wolseley 16/60 was stolen during the night of Tuesday 11th November from Aveley in Essex. Registered with the plate “564UXN”, this particular British classic should be fairly easy to identify. As the vehicle was stolen from a local workshop, booked in for welding work, some parts were in the process of replacement. Look out for a missing driver’s seat and a blue o/s front wing with missing headlight.

Owing to the missing driver’s seat, the likelihood is that this Wolseley was lifted by a recovery truck, so any possible sightings on the back of a truck should be reported immediately to the police or call the owner on 07877910479.

Help find other classics too, including this Scirocco and this Transit.

by Mike Armstrong

Send a search party out for this missing Transit


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