Gene Hunt’s Audi Quattro

What? – A fully restored 1983 Audi Quattro. Not just any 1983 Audi Quattro though, but the infamous star of the hit TV series Ashes to Ashes. On sale once again, this 2.1-litre Quattro is currently up again for auction on eBay.

Why? – Not only was this Quattro DCI Gene Hunt’s (Philip Glenister) car of choice for the cop drama set in 1980’s Britain, but the restoration work also seems rather reassuring. Audi UK themselves have overseen the restoration of this TV star to its former glory. For extra peace of mind, this red bat out of hell comes with a full MOT.

The Quattro itself enjoyed a colourful legacy, with its roots stemming from the rally world. The first rally car to utilise four-wheel drive running gear, the Quattro set the rally scene on fire in the 80’s, hence cementing its legacy in the automotive history books. This demi-god was already desirable before its on-screen role in a British TV series.

Plus, this auction is for BBC’s Children in Need, meaning that all money goes to a worthy cause. Get bidding now!

Where? – Up for auction for BBC’s Children in Need appeal. Presumably based in London.

Odometer reading? – No information provided.

The Bad Bits? – The listing describes that there are a few minor battle scars, whatever that means. Plus it will be mandatory to proclaim “Fire up the Quattro!” every time you step inside.

How Much? – The price is subject to auction rules, with a finishing time set at 9pm on Sunday 16th November. The current bid at this time is in excess of £28,000. Certainly more than the average Quattro.

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by Mike Armstrong


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