STOLEN: Mk2 Transit Luton

A 1984 Ford Transit Luton has been stolen from close to Kensington High Street on 4th November. The vehicle, with the registration number B324VKJ, may seem familiar to some of you. This was the exact same Transit which was featured in an article in The Standard due to a recovery incident in Kensington Hight Street.

As the vehicle was left by the RAC with no near side hub or wheel and also missing a rear wheel following the incident, the Transit must have been lifted onto a recovery truck. Any witnesses who saw the recovery take place should come forward with any CCTV footage or details. For any tip off’s or information on sightings, please contact Fred on 07092221777, Mutley on 07759078872 or the Police.

Let’s bring this Tranny home!


[Image: From] The Stolen Transit in last month’s fiasco.

by Mike Armstrong

Roger’s Stolen Scirocco is still out there! Help him out!



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