FREE METRO! plus Harris Mann(k) to Casablanca

Bargain hunters and free-loaders gather round, because one retro obsessed driver is offering their granny spec Rover Metro Quest gratis. The low mileage model will be offered later this month on a collection only basis to any man, woman, child or donkey willing to drive it away. Offered with an MOT until December, this might be worth a look.

Superb you may think as you browse in another tab for insurance quotes, but there is a minor catch. The owner, although based in the Midlands, demands that you must travel a little further to retrieve the British Leyland supermini. Gibraltar in fact. The reason being that the tired old Metro is soon to compete in a gruelling 1,300 mile rally across the length of Europe into the tip of Northern Africa.

Named Harris Mann(k) to Casablanca, as a tribute to the notorious British Leyland designer Harris Mann, the rally plans to run from Cowley to Morocco’s Casablanca. Upon arrival, this Metro will complete a lap of the 1958 Casablanca Grand Prix circuit before returning to Gibraltar. Due to visa complications, the vehicle cannot be scrapped or exchanged in Morocco, meaning that the vehicle must be disposed of either in Spain or Gibraltar.

The owner meanwhile will embark on a budget flight back to Blighty, leaving the car behind. In a charitable gesture, the current owner is offering the white Metro free to anyone willing to collect it.

The rally itself sets out to disprove the well regarded stereotype that British Leyland products of this era were terrible. Often deemed dull, unreliable and inferior to contemporary rivals, prices tend to stay low in the current times. The Metro was always the elephant in the room with the Mini, but the organisers intend to prove that a 21 year old Metro, or any other BL product, can survive the most difficult of challenges presented.

Those yearning to compete alongside should get in touch immediately as the rally begins very soon. The criteria for entrants is simply that the owner brings a Harris Mann designed British Leyland product, or similarly anything else under the same banner. The challenge begins on Tuesday 11th November in Cowley and will conclude on Sunday 16th November in Gibraltar.

For any more information, please take a look here.

by Mike Armstrong

[Image – Courtesy of]

Want a bargain but can’t make it to Gibraltar?

Ford Escort


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