’54 Bentley R Type Continental Fastback

What? – A handcrafted 1954 Bentley R Type Continental Fastback. One of three automatics available in right-hand drive in fact. Adding to the rarity is the special orders list, which features: power windows, flat petrol tank, Smiths ventilation and heating system and two RD 8187 fog lamps.

Why? – The R Type Continental Fastback was a high performance version of the comparatively humdrum R Type, also the fastest four-seat production car of its time. Designed by Rolls Royce Ltd and H.J Mulliner & Co, the R Type Continental was one of the most beautiful Bentley cars ever produced. Principally produced for the British market, only 208 were produced; 165 in right-hand drive.

This particular example was one of three available both in right-hand drive and with the automatic gearbox. Furthermore, care has been taken throughout its life regardless of cost, with a bill of £48,000 from 2004 provided by P & A Wood. The one available comes with the later, and more powerful, 4.9-litre engine. If you have a burning hole in your pocket, then you will need this in your life.

Where? – Similarly to last week’s Lotus Talbot Sunbeam, this one’s available for auction with Silverstone Auctions.

Odometer reading? – No information provided.

The Bad Bits? – It will cost more than your house, by around three-fold.

How Much? – Are you seated? Good! The estimate is anywhere between £800,000 and £900,000.

Got a Link? Check it out here.

by Mike Armstrong


Sample last week’s Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam



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