Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

What? – A 1980 Lotus Talbot Sunbeam. Not just any Sunbeam either, this one appears to have time travelled 34 years into the present time straight from the factory. Even Doctor Who would be proud of the astounding 313km (193 miles) covered in its lifetime. As a neglected part of a collection, this Sunbeam has rarely seen the sun and remains in perfect condition.

Why? – Contemporary parent company, Chrysler, commissioned Lotus to tamper with their Sunbeam family car. The result featured a 150bhp 2.2-litre 16-valve four-cylinder Lotus unit forced into the shell from a 1.6-litre supermarket trolley, providing a furious fun factor.

Although this vehicle comes with a full MOT and has been re-furbished in March 2014, this left-hand drive pocket rocket is actually unregistered. Hence the press office hype of “Brand New” isn’t actually entirely untruthful. The Sunbeam will be supplied with a NOVA certificate and a smug sense of satisfaction.

Where? – Up for auction at Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show via Silverstone Auctions.

Odometer reading? – A staggering 313km (193 miles in British money). Averaging a hilarious 5.7 miles per year.

The Bad Bits? – It’s very doubtful there are any.

How Much? – This true time warp classic is subject to auction rules. However industry experts predict a range of £24,000 to £28,000. If you’re interested, the auction takes place on 16th November at the NEC in Birmingham.

Got a Link?Most definitely.

by Mike Armstrong


View our own little red riding hood




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