’61 Ruby Red Bug

What? – A beautiful ruby red 1961 Volkswagen Beetle. Originally imported from Sweden, this example is in extraordinary condition. Fear not as this one is fully registered in the UK and even comes with a very rare sunroof.

Why? – Need we explain the appeal of the Beetle? Otherwise known as the love bug or the Käfer, Beetles will always be cool and will be highly sort after. This ruby red Ringo has also been given the full treatment of a bare metal restoration, meaning the shell is entirely rust free.

The air-cooled unit has been rebuilt, the sunroof refitted with a new cover, new window seals and a new wool headlining. To top it off, this particular chromed up beauty has more service history than most cars of the last decade. Plus, who doesn’t like Frenched fog lights?

Where? – Advertised on Car and Classic, sold by VW restoration firm, Wolfsburg VW, based in Lancashire.

Odometer reading? – Unconfirmed.

The Bad Bits? – None we can think of. Unless you don’t like red, or Beetles, or classic cars.

How Much? – This Beetle will set you back £13,750. A fair price for such a pristine example.

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by Mike Armstrong



Stolen ’65 Beetle: Now Recovered!

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