C+C: Nissan Bluebird

Today we launch a new section known as Cheap and Cheerful (C+C). The idea behind this is to find a classic or retro motor, complete with an MOT, for less than a mere £1,000. Classic cars need not be the hobby of those with extra cash floating around, and this section aims to prove that.



This week we’ve found a 1986 Nissan Bluebird LX hatchback, in red. The 1,600cc engine will hardly tear the lid off a can of rice pudding, but this would make a solid classic future investment.

Bluebirds once littered the streets of Britain as minicabs in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Therefore it’s safe to say that most will have a memory of two involving one of these Sierra rivals. With these declining in numbers rapidly, now is the time to buy one.

This particular example comes from a collector and has only covered 115,400 miles in 28 years, only 100 of which were during the last year. With a year’s MOT, this Bluebird would make an ideal run-around on a shoe string budget.

Facts and Figures

Make and Model: Nissan Bluebird LX hatchback

Year: 1986

Mileage: 115,400

MOT Expiry: October 2015

Price: £975

Location: West Midlands

Link: Here on eBay.

by Mike Armstrong


Not on a shoe-strong budget and want to invade a country?

Lamborghini LM002


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