Rambo-Lambo: the V12 Angel of Death!

What? – A 1989 Lamborghini LM002 finished in metallic Desert Sand Gold. An unusual departure for the brand associated with the likes of the Countach, the Rambo-Lambo was derived from a military vehicle project. If an oversized off-road military vehicle wasn’t enough to scare the living bejesus out of enemy soldiers, the addition of the V12 monster heart from the Countach would make for quick progress. Scarier still, this vehicle was also sold as a civilian runabout. Essentially, the LM002 was the Hummer before the Hummer.

Why? – Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in 1986, the LM002 certainly created ripples in the ocean of the motoring world. No one had seen anything like this before, and many never got to see one in the flesh either. Only 328 units were produced, one of which was known to be destroyed by the US military in 2004 by a car bomb simulation. Although the LM002 never quite made it to the Paris Dakar Rally, the Rambo-Lambo did manage to complete in another rally in Greece and the Rallye des Pharaons in Egypt.

This particular example has only covered 19,000km (11,800 miles) since 1989, presumably due to ungodly fuel costs, averaging around 472 miles per year. You will be unlikely to trump this amount of mileage over a 25 year lifetime. In terms of equipment on board, Lamborghini included a civilian luxury package offering the likes of: leather trim, air-conditioning, tinted windows and a premium roof-mounted stereo system. Special Scorpion run-flat tyres were also manufactured by Pirelli to cope with the speed and weight, especially useful for 2,700kg behemoth sporting 455bhp. Those worried about running out of fuel will rejoice at the inclusion of a 290-litre fuel tank, ideal for the average trip to the shops (providing they are already on your doorstep).

Where? – Found on Car and Classic, sold by Spellbound Cars, a dealer based in the Surrey town of Farnham.

Odometer reading? – 11,800 miles. Basically factory fresh.

The Bad Bits? – You will need to drill for your own oil.

How Much? – £129,000. Equivalent to the amount of fuel needed to drop the kids off at school.

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by Mike Armstrong

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