Scrappage Scandal: Crushed French Classics

Recent statistics released by the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills have disheartened the motoring world. The statistics details the numbers, makes and models of all vehicles recycled during 2009’s Scrappage Scheme.

The scheme, introduced at the height of the Credit Crunch, encouraged buyers to part with their rotten old bangers for a £2,000 discount off a brand new model. The stimulus for the British economy led to the departure of hundreds of thousands of usable cars, a move hardly considered environmentally friendly.

In this article, we focus on the French classic cars which lost their lives in the recent financial crisis. Our hearts truly bleed.



Citroen were famous for countless innovative designs and pioneering technology. From the likes of the humble 2CV to the beautiful SM, Citroen certainly earned its place in automotive history.

Horrible it is to hear that 94 2CV’s bit the dust, along with four Dyane models. The 2CV is one of the most iconic cars of all time, and is highly collectable and increasingly valuable. Alongside these tragic victims are; a GS, two Visas and one ultra rare Visa Cabriolet.

More modern French classics also died prematurely in 2009, with a staggering 69 BX models and 47 XM’s listed. Worse still is that two of the BX’s were marked as GTI models – a stand out model in its day. More worrying reading goes for later models, including Saxo VTR’s and AX’s.



Along with its PSA stable mate, Peugeot also got dealt with a harsh hand during the Scrappage Scheme. More aged models included one 104, one 304 Cabriolet, a 402, two 404’s, 24 305’s, and 25 505’s (Including two GTI editions). All represent increasingly rare models for the UK market, which are in serious endangerment.

Hot hatches unsurprisingly took the brunt of the scheme, with 40 106 GTI’s, four 106 Rallye’s, sixteen 106 XSI’s, 32 205 GTI’s, four 205 Rallye’s and four 309 GTI’s. Somewhere up there, someone hates fast Peugeots.



Renault also played with fire and got burnt during the height of the recession, with a staggering amount of classics disappearing. Modern news of sadness includes two Clio Williams and thirteen original Twingos – despite never being sold in Britain.

More saddening were the deaths of a Renault 15, fifteen R11’s, six R4’s, 32 Renault 25’s, two R5 GT Turbo‘s, one GTA and two Fuego‘s (Including one Turbo).


The French were certainly not the only victims of the genocide of classic cars. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to find out more.


by Mike Armstrong


Save a mint R5 GT Turbo from the crusher




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