C+C: Early Mk3 Escort

Those not content with last week’s Cheap and Cheerful MK2 Astra, which sold as the article came to be published, should look no further than here. Swiftly on from a GM product to a Continue reading C+C: Early Mk3 Escort


STOLEN: Silver ’82 Scirocco GTI

A 1982 MK2 Volkswagen Scirocco GTI has been stolen from Northampton on Tuesday 25th October. Owner Roger is devastated and seeks Continue reading STOLEN: Silver ’82 Scirocco GTI

Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

What? – A 1980 Lotus Talbot Sunbeam. Not just any Sunbeam either, this one appears to have time travelled 34 years into the present time straight from the factory. Even Doctor Who would be Continue reading Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

Rambo-Lambo: the V12 Angel of Death!

What? – A 1989 Lamborghini LM002 finished in metallic Desert Sand Gold. An unusual departure for the brand associated with the likes of the Countach, the Rambo-Lambo was derived from a military vehicle project. If an oversized off-road military vehicle wasn’t enough to scare the living bejesus out of enemy soldiers, the addition of the V12 monster heart from Continue reading Rambo-Lambo: the V12 Angel of Death!