Hot for 80’s Renault Hatch

What? – A completely original Renault 5 GT Turbo. Released from the hypothetical time capsule, this 1986 hot hatch would make a sterling choice for any performance enthusiasts. Introduced in 1985, the GT Turbo was a performance version of the cult classic second generation Renault 5. The standard 1.4-litre engine was given some extra oomph thanks to an air-cooled turbo charger. Producing an impressive 113bhp, whilst only weighing a featherweight 850kgs, a 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds certainly thrilled a generation of budget performance enthusiasts.

Why? – Not many of these exist any more, mainly thanks to overheating issues with the phase I examples, let alone at such a low mileage. Showing only 65,000 miles, vouched for with endless paperwork, this particular GT Turbo may be worth a gander.

Most importantly is that this particular Supercinq is a totally original and unmolested example, akin to the day it left the factory in Dieppe. Bought as an investment by the current owner, the rapid little Renault has enjoyed a pampered lifestyle, within the same family since new. Everything about it screams 80’s French hot hatch, from the Frenched foglights to the period alloy wheels. One could definitely say that this rust free fast Frenchie is the one to go for if you’re after a Renault 5 or indeed any type of 80’s hot hatch.

Where? – A private ad on Car and Classic. Currently in St Helier, Jersey.

Odometer reading? – A staggering 65,000 miles. Just over 2,300 miles covered per year since new.

The Bad Bits? – Nothing listed, but remember it’s French!

How Much? – £7,995. A tad on the steep side, but if this lives up to its promises, it may indeed be the best around.

Got a Link?Here.

Renault 5

by Mike Armstrong

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