Citroen Super Magnificent

What? – A beautiful 1975 Citroen SM finished in grey. The SM came about after Citroen’s purchase of Maserati in 1968. The deal, forged due to Citroen’s desire for powerful V6 engines, quickly resulting in this beautiful piece of art. Based vaguely upon the DS, the SM combined the luxurious feel and unique design language with improved performance, creating a great GT car.

Why? – Due to the Maserati influence, the Citroen SM became a giant slayer in its own right. Once depreciation set in, the SM became a bargain GT car, preferable even to “real” products by Maserati. It was also commended for pushing the boundaries of how much power can be incorporated into a front-wheel drive layout. Plus, the automotive journalism world were stunned by the aerodynamic qualities and impressive stopping distance.

This particular model has been cherished by only two owners since 1975. The first of which kept the car until 2000, where it was snapped up by an eager collector. Maintenance records span from between 1976 and 1995 at a single dealership with genuine Citroen parts, proving that cost was of no object.

Over £15,000 was spent on a full body restoration in the late 90’s, including new panels and a full respray. Images are available documenting the restoration process. One cannot claim that this example is the best in the world, however a clean record of maintenance is certainly reassuring.

Where?  – The car is available for auction at Silverstone Auction’s Autumn Sale on Saturday 20th September.

Odometer reading? – No information is outlined in the advert, however it had covered 60,239 in 1995.

The Bad Bits? – It’s been a while since that restoration. However, if the collector has kept it indoors with constant attention, it will be sure to be a stunner.

How Much? – The anticipated price ranges between £22,000 and £26,000.

Got a Link? – Check it out here.


by Mike Armstrong


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