Orange Peel Coloured Popular

What? – A rather brightly coloured Ford Popular 100e, slammed and powered by a Pinto engine. Built in 1960, these basic transportation devices became popular on the hot rod scene due to their lightweight construction. This definitive British hot rod is now up for sale due to the owner losing access to a garage.

Where?  – Found on eBay, based in London.

Odometer reading? – No information listed, however with a Pinto engine added, not to mention tons of suspension modifications, we can rest assure that (subject to inspection) this Pinto is pristine.

The Bad Bits? – Due to a rattle in the clutch collector fork, the cable may need adjusting. Low ride height is also listed as a problem, although this can easily be tackled by adjusting the coilovers. Apparently words of appraisal and suicidal pedestrians may also prove troublesome, according to the listing.

Why? – The Ford Popular 100e was the peoples’ car of its generation. Imagine the Focus of today, average transport for the average person. Peoples’ cars always enjoy the limelight in later years, think of the legacy surrounding the Volkswagen Beetle or Citroen 2CV. Not only is their a high demand due to affection, but the beating heart of this beast is a 1.6-litre Pinto engine, which is quick.

The paintwork was also stripped back to bare metal before finding itself reapplied in bright orange, which suits the little Popular down to the ground.

Extensive modifications include; the 1.6-litre Pinto engine with Weber Carb with a K&N filter, a 5-speed gearbox, a Toyota Alloy Twin fan radiator, front Escort suspension legs with adjustable coilovers, rear adjustable shocks with 2″ lowering blocks on the leaf springs, an Anglia 105e rear axle, a modified Escort steering rack with Capri shortened steering column and quick release leather steering wheel, half leather/Alcantara Audi TT front seats, and 13″ Mini-Lite R&R alloys. In other words, a very well loved little machine!

How Much? – The owner has specified a buy it now price of £4,500, rising to £4,750 for the inclusion of a spare set of Mini-Lite wheels.

Got a Link? Here it is, by popular demand.

by Mike Armstrong


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