Perfect Porsche 356

What? – A beautiful Porsche 356. To be more precise, a 1960 Porsche 356 B T5 Super 75 coupe. Finished in the original red paint work from the factory, this Porsche is a fine example of arguably the most classy model to roll off of any Porsche production line.

Where?  – Found on, and based at a dealership in Canterbury, Kent.

Odometer reading? – Not listed, however like our previously featured Ferrari, cars of this nature tend to not cover distances equal to the moon and back.

The Bad Bits? – It is honestly hard to find a problem with this Porsche, especially owing to its recent restoration and outstanding history records.

Why? – Again, the Porsche 356 is one of the most exquisite cars in automotive history. Prices reflect this as a result, and continue to gradually rise over time.

This particular model was imported from Belgium, and holds a vast amount of history from services in the Netherlands. The 356 comes with full UK registration and is also tax exempt.

Recently, the whole car has undergone a complete restoration, which has seen the leather interior re-trimmed, the engine and gearbox overhauled and the electrics rewired. Overall, this particular Porsche 356 promises a long-lasting investment with most of its original charm preserved.

How Much? – The asking price is £69,995.

Got a Link? – Yes, we do! Link.

by Mike Armstrong


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