Magnificent Multipla

What? – A cherished 1964 Fiat 600D Multipla, finished in traditional Rome taxi two-tone nero e verde scura (black and dark green) paint work. Formerly a taxi in the streets of Rome, the Multipla can carry a grand total of six people with their luggage on the roof. Although powered by the vastly superior 767cc rear-mounted air-cooled engine, acceleration will certainly never be spirited. This little Fiat actually pioneered the modern MPV which we know and love today.

Where?  – From a classic car dealer, Signature Automobiles, based in this writer’s home town of Beckenham, Kent.

Odometer reading? – Just 5,871 miles since the new engine was fitted. Basically a brand new car considering the amount of restoration undertaken recently.

The Bad Bits? – Besides the rather steep asking price, we cannot identify a known fault. With so much history also included, it could be not only the best Fiat 600D on the road, but also one of the most immaculate classics money can buy.

Why? – Rarity would obviously be a large motivation to purchase one of these Italian oddballs. With only 83,389 ever produced, we can only speculate as to how many of these are still in existence today.

Furthermore, this particular example has undergone a thorough restoration process. The engine was fully rebuilt between 2012 and 2013, a bare metal respray and replacement of all original parts with brand new equivalents. Hence this beautiful Italian classic comes with a full MOT and UK registration.

The quality of work earned this car many awards, and has earned it the title of a Automobile Club D’Italia Club car. To compliment it further, the amount of history on offer along with the vehicle is exemplary and documents the vehicle’s lifetime throughout the course of three owners superbly. I’d hazard a guess and title this the best example left in Britain, if not the world.

How Much? – An alleged investment opportunity at £31,995. Surely this vehicle cannot rise in value in the immediate future, although it may not depreciate if the asking price is met. Considering the condition of this Multipla, it could be justified.

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by Mike Armstrong



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