Slammed Soviet Sleeper!

What? – A 1989 Lada Riva finished in burgundy. During the 90’s. this would have made an unlikely prediction to end up on classic car enthusiasts’ wanted lists, however times have certainly changed. Thanks to tasty images of modified examples from the former Soviet Union, the last remaining examples are becoming well sought after.

Where?  – Desborough in Northamptonshire.

Odometer reading? – Unlisted. However we can assume that the engine is quite newly fitted.

The Bad Bits? – Body work imperfections are stated by the seller, plus we’d like to see some mileage figures for both the shell and the engine.

Why? – As said before, Lada’s are becoming cool. Not many examples exist in the UK, and this one’s a little bit special. Lowered on 15″ Renault Megane steels, shouting through a 2.5″ custom exhaust and powered by a Ford Focus ST170 mounted on a Ford Sierra gearbox, this Riva is anything but your typical Rusky. A full shopping list can be viewed on the listing, but we suspect it might go faster than a free shot of vodka at a Russian bar.

The next owner could continue to use it as a daily, as per the current owner, or complete a full bodywork restoration to create a real show piece.

How Much? – Auction style listing, currently commanding £2,000 during writing this piece (3/7/2014).

Got a Link? – Catch it whilst you can though! Right here.



by Mike Armstrong



Sample last week’s fiery Fuego.



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