Spanish Sierra XR4i in Dealership Siesta

What? – A staggering 1984 Ford Sierra XR4i. Powered by Ford’s infamous 2.8-litre Cologne unit, also used to power the Capri, this hot Sierra earned a reputation as extremely fun loving. Styled in a three-door format with flamboyant use of a double spoiler, the XR4i was one of the most iconic European Fords in the brand’s history.

Where?  – Spotted by myself in a dealership in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighbourhood. Available online here.

Odometer reading? – 72,000km, or 44,700 miles in British currency. 1,490 miles per year for 30 years doesn’t sound too taxing either.

The Bad Bits? – A quick inspection of the vehicle shows that this sporty Sierra hasn’t passed the Spanish MOT (ITV) since 2006, hence we can assume there are various corrosion issues all round owing to eight years of storage. With a simple service though, this snarling tiger will definitely roar again.

Why? – Old Fords will always be collectors items in Britain. With rising values and decreasing numbers, a Ford collector is a smart investor. The XR4i is a rare beast, especially in early form. For the price, originality and mileage, it may be worth a trip to the Catalan capital.

Don’t expect it to sell quickly though, as the Spanish are not quite as tech savvy or imaginative as the Brits when it comes to car sales. Plus, as everyone will have you know there, there is a crisis too…

How Much? – 4,500€ (£3,595)

Got a Link? – Aqui.




by Mike Armstrong


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