Second Oldest Civic in Britain

What? – An absolutely mint condition 1974 Honda Civic. Apparently an ex-dealer demonstrator, this early Civic is one of the first to arrive on British shores in 1974, and was eventually purchased by the first owner in 1976. The Honda Civic has been a strong seller for the Japanese brand for forty years, and has been a family favourite throughout.

Where?  – In Ipswich, Suffolk. Also advertised in the classifieds section of Retro Rides.

Odometer reading? – With a total recorded mileage of 80,000 miles, an average of 2,000 miles have been covered over it’s lifetime. Despite this simple calculation, the seller assures us that this elderly Civic has only crawled 14,000 miles since 1986, with a colourful documented history to vouch for it.

The Bad Bits? – The odometer went kaput 200 miles ago, and the otherwise immaculate body work is apparently harbouring absolutely minor scrapes. The seller claims these marks are only so visible due to the vehicle’s colour…that’ll T-Cut out!

Why? – The Honda Civic is one of the most successful nameplates in the motor industry. So far lasting 40 years and selling strongly worldwide, the history of this vehicle is definitely commendable.

This example is the original version, which started the revolution. Furthermore, it’s the second oldest known example in the United Kingdom.

Crucially for a Civic of this age, no welding has ever taken place on the chassis, demonstrating the loving attention this vehicle has obviously received throughout its lifetime. Powered by the 1,200cc engine, this little supermini has spent most of its life sitting on the shelf.

How Much? – The seller is asking for £3,250 ono. A price worth paying for such a lovely example. Good value for money considering it will be tax exempt from next year.

Got a Link? – Maybe.




by Mike Armstrong



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