Deluxe Fairlady: A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Datsun.

What? – A beautiful 1967 Datsun Deluxe Fairlady. Never actually released in the UK, this beautiful sports convertible was Japan’s answer to British MG’s and Italian Alfa Romeo’s of that era. Powered by the improved 95bhp 1.6-litre petrol unit, which debuted at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, the Fairlady was fairly nippy to drive at the time. Whilst sporting a rather pretty white interior, the exterior is certainly conventional of many British and European sports cars from the sixties. This particular model was never sold in the UK, instead sold in North American and the Japanese market.

This very example was actually imported recently from Germany, after being imported from the Japanese domestic market. Although having covered very limited road miles, this Deluxe Fairlady has travelled farther than most students on their gap year.

Where?  – We found it on, at a dealership based in Sutton, Surrey.

Odometer reading? – A rather modest 61,000 miles. Averaging 1,298 miles every year for 47 long years.

The Bad Bits? – Nothing listed, but be sure to check the condition of the convertible top thoroughly on inspection, as a replacement part will surely cost dearly.

Why? – Unlike the American import versions, the Fairlady benefits from right hand drive tooling, which will be more practical for British drivers. Furthermore, this example may actually be the only of its kind in Britain right now, therefore proving a great bragging right to the average MGB owner. Essentially though, it provides all of the same thrills as an MGB: Manual gearbox, moderate engine power, two seats and a convertible top – a perfect B-road weapon. We can also conclude that the value will probably fail to depreciate over the coming years either.

Plus, FREE TAX!!! This Datsun is officially exempt from taxation in Britain.

How Much? – £8,995.

Got a Link? – Catch it while you can! Click here.



by Mike Armstrong



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