Relive 90’s Retro First Cars

Everyone remembers their first car. Most of the younger readers will most likely have been burdened with some form of underpowered supermini. This writer for example was subject to the awesome power of a ’94 Peugeot 106 diesel. Although somewhat sarcastic, this car was my ticket to freedom and provided many fond memories of road trips and romantic encounters.   Browsing through the classifieds, superminis from this era certainly appear to be Continue reading Relive 90’s Retro First Cars


Spanish Sierra XR4i in Dealership Siesta

What? – A staggering 1984 Ford Sierra XR4i. Powered by Ford’s infamous 2.8-litre Cologne unit, also used to power the Capri, this hot Sierra earned a reputation as Continue reading Spanish Sierra XR4i in Dealership Siesta

5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges

Many retro fans cannot resist the urge of the occasional luxury barge. Piloted by the managers of yesteryear or chauffeuring minor celebrities in plush comfort, there are certainly many bargains to be had in the current year. We like all of the extras too; leather seats, electric windows, heated seats, CD players and especially powerful engines.

With a respectable budget of  £2,000, what can we realistically expect?

Continue reading 5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges

Deluxe Fairlady: A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Datsun.

What? – A beautiful 1967 Datsun Deluxe Fairlady. Never actually released in the UK, this beautiful sports convertible was Japan’s answer to British MG’s and Italian Alfa Romeo’s of that era. Powered by the improved 95bhp 1.6-litre petrol unit, which debuted at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, the Fairlady was fairly nippy to drive at the time. Continue reading Deluxe Fairlady: A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Datsun.

Samba with this old-timer Supermini

What? – A 1983 Talbot Samba 1.0 LE. The first Talbot fully designed by Peugeot to be precise, following the takeover from Chrysler Europe. The Samba, identical to the Peugeot 104, was one of the most economical superminis in Europe at the time. Unfortunately, Peugeot decided to later Continue reading Samba with this old-timer Supermini