MK2 Golf Country, With Added Bling

What? – A 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country. Quite a distinct and peculiar vehicle, which is largely unheard of in the British Isles. Never released in the UK, this version was imported from Germany eight years ago, and has remained with the same owner ever since. To add further exclusivity, this is one of 500 special Chrome Edition models, which are very sought after amongst enthusiasts. The Golf Country comes with a brand new battery, brakes and exhaust system, and is reportedly rust free – remarkable for an elderly Volkswagen.

Power comes from the 1.8-litre engine from the MK2 GTI, and is delivered via the four-wheel drive Synchro system.

Where?  – A private Golf enthusiast in Hampshire, via

Odometer reading? – This information is not provided, however the advert states that the engine received a full rebuild 10,000 miles (Or Kilometres) ago. Therefore we can conclude that it’s done a few more miles than that!

The Bad Bits? – Nothing stated in the advert, but let’s hope that a legal number plate is provided with the sale. Whilst the personalised registration is awesome and potentially valuable, the black plate with illegal spacing is only asking for trouble.

Why? – The Golf Country was certainly an interesting release at a time before crossovers. Essentially, it was ahead of the game. The utter bizarreness of it just yearns to be adored. Country models are rare on the continent, let alone in the UK in this splendid condition. Not to mention the fact it’s a limited run of only 500. The Chrome Edition came with electric windows, cream leather seats, chrome decorations spare tyre cover and bull bars, an open air sunroof, and a superb set of chrome deep dish steel wheels.

Furthermore, a quick Google search reveals that the owner is a true enthusiast who has cherished this vehicle for the last eight years, also only the second owner. Although a high price, buyers have similar problems to last week’s CX; an uncertain method of valuation.

Plus, there is only one other Golf Country Chrome Edition known to exist in the UK. So unless your plan is to personally import one, this is your only chance for a long while yet.

How Much? – £6,495.

Got a Link? – Found it behind the sofa, click here.


by Mike Armstrong


Drool over last week’s French fancy.

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