Ultra Rare Classic Citroen

Citroen CX

What? – A 1984 Citroen CX Safari in top-of-the-range TRI trim. This particular example comes with electric windows, electric sunroof, height adjustable seats and alloys wheels – extremely advanced for the time. Power comes from a 2.5-litre fuel injected petrol engine, coupled with an automatic gearbox. The interior is finished off in period blue velour trim, which is extremely comfortable. According to the owner, over £6,000 has been spent on the refurbishment of this French fancy.

Where?  – A dealership in West Yorkshire, via CarandClassic.co.uk

Odometer reading? – A staggering 54,000 miles. With 30 years since leaving the factory in Aulnay-sous-Bois, that equates to less than 1,800 miles per year.

The Bad Bits? – Nothing listed in the advertisement. Being French, an inspection with a fine tooth-comb would be advisable.

Why? – Needless to say, the Citroen CX was one of the best designs to ever come out of France. The exterior design was influenced by aerodynamics, which was simply a buzzword in certain Sci-Fi films of that era, and the suspension hydraulic. In Safari form, the CX estate earned a reputation for a legendary amount of space for seven occupants and their luggage. This particular model is also the last pre-face lift models, which of course is adorned with chrome bumpers.

How Much? – £6,000. Citroen CX’s are genuinely hard to find and hence difficult to price accurately.

Got a Link? – If you say please! Link.


by Mike Armstrong

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