Czech Out This Classic Skoda S100L

What? – Our first find this week is a mint condition Skoda S100L from 1973. Imported from Slovakia in 2013, this retro Skoda has recently received a new engine, radiator, ignition lock, clutch, brakes and tyres. Also received a respray in its lifetime and comes with documented history. Power comes from a 988cc petrol engine, which is expectedly far from spirited.

Where?  – eBay, based in Gerrards Cross, Bucks.

Odometer reading? – 129,000kms (80,200 Miles) with only 65,000kms (40,400 Miles) on the new engine.

The Bad Bits? – Not anything listed besides light rust bubbles. Advert states that there are no rust patches or holes, with the shell appearing “solid”. Had previous overheating issues, however that appears to have been resolved with the fitting of a new radiator.

Why? – The Skoda S100L is becoming a rare beast worldwide. In Britain alone, only five are known to exist according to Owners will be enthusiasts for either Eastern Bloc motoring history or seeking something differing to the norm. Furthermore, prospective owners will benefit from tax exemption and 12 month’s MOT.

How Much? – The seller, named sylwiasim on the online auction site, is requesting £1,750. Of course the seller is open to offers, although he does state “Please bear in mind that these cars are becoming very rare these days even in home country and prices are going up”.

Got a Link? – The advert is listed here.



by Mike Armstrong


4 thoughts on “Czech Out This Classic Skoda S100L”

  1. My friend is selling this car. Its a brilliant starter classic from eastern Europe. Drives very nicely and has the potential to be a first class show car..


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